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Bubble Jet Washing System


Bubble jet washing system is a technology to remediate the contaminated soil particle by separating fine particles where many toxic contaminant species exists.
Particularly, even in the case of pollution of harmful substances (heavy metals) having low solubility, since the fine particles containing contaminants are separated and purified, theoretically, it is a technology applicable to the majority of pollution due to low dependence on the contaminant species or concentration.

  • Widespread coverage
  • No use of solvent, only water
  • Compact
  • Continuous treatment
  • Low secondary contamination


The high-pressure jet water is sprayed from the nozzle into narrow tube, creating a high-speed air flow around the jet stream. When contaminated soil and water are injected into it, jet streams and fast air are pulled into the integrated narrow tube and instantly mixed.
Contaminants(and file particles) are separated from coarse soil particles through rapid expansions and collision on the wall